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In the past, LMR (private land mobile radio) systems have used 25 khz-wide channels. However, in 2004 the FCC mandated that all nationwide users operating on 25kHz radio systems move to 12.5kHZ narrowband efficiency channels by January 1, 2013.
Motorola is well prepared with 12.5 kHz technology and offers two-way radios in close to 60 models to fit your specific radio communication needs.

The reduced width of narrowband channels allow additional channels to function in the same spectrum; resulting in the support of more users. Take advanage of the most efficient technology with narrowband now!

Who is affected by Narrowbanding?

All users of Land Mobile Radios on channels between 150 MHz and 174 MHz and between 421 MHz and 512 MHz will directly be affected.

When the FCC Narrowbanding mandate goes into effect January 1, 2013, nationwide licensees operating on 25 KHz radio systems will need to operate using 12.5 kHz efficiency channels.